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News and announcements.

Suddenly, a news post!


Again, it's been a while since I posted. As I may have mentioned, I'm working on a project that is of significant with relation to this site. Due to a busy summer, things have been delayed, but I hope to provide more updates as time goes by. But more on that soon . . .

In any case, two new indie game reviews are on the way. One is already written, I just need screenshots, and the other is in the process of being written.

New Indie Game Review

Yeah, it's been a long time, but I'm still here. The new Iji review is up. Check it out, then check the game out. The next review will be up soon, so don't worry about another long wait . . .

Site Upgrade


Well, I finally got around to upgrading to Drupal 6. (No doubt Drupal 7 is right around the corner.) Everything seems to be running smoothly, though I'm still ironing out the kinks. Be sure to let me know if you encounter any problems

In the meantime, 2 (much belated) indie game reviews are on the way, as well as an important announcement in the near future.

Stay tuned . . .

New Layout!


So after much toil, sweat, and tears, we have a new layout for The Inkwell. Or rather, the old layout, but finally completed. Hopefully this one will be a bit more comfortable to look at. And for those who have been asking, yes, updates are incoming.

Update Delay


Sorry about the lack of updates for the past few weeks. I've been busy working on a project (to be featured on The Inkwell in the near future) and have been completing some other work as well. However, I'll try to have not one, but two Indie Reviews up by Tuesday of next week. Sorry to keep you waiting!



For those who have been wondering what happened to The Inkwell for the last couple of weeks, apparently our host got hacked and was having some problems dealing with it. Due to some further complications, I've decided to switch hosts (making me quite poor in the process) to avoid these issues in the future. In short, problem solved, unlikely to reoccur.

In any case, now that the site is back, I'll be posting a couple of Indie Gaming updates, as well as that long promised Linux tutorial on filesystems. But not tonight. Tonight I sleep.

Article Delay


Well, I know you're all waiting eagerly for my next Linux article, and I was planning on having it finished this week. This article will be focusing on file systems, more specifically ext3 and ReiserFS. However, there's a lot of information I need to sift through, since this is a bit more complicated an article, and I want it to still be readable to the average person. (Or the average person that would visit this site.) Also, I'm taking ext4 and Reiser4 into consideration, and since they're both very new, there's a lot of new stuff I need to process.

User Registrations Open


User registrations are now open! Registered users can post comments, vote on polls, and participate in other site activities. Currently this is rather limited, but expect more to come soon!

New Monthly Column!


A new column has been created called "Indie Game of the Month" in which I review those great indie games that I enjoy most. I hope to update this at least once a month, so be sure to check every now and then for any new recommendations. A link to the column can be found in the Navigation section called "indie gaming."

Dealing With Spam


Well, I expected this time to come. Spam comments and posts have started coming through, so I've locked off all comments, poll voting, etc from anonymous users. I'll be opening up registrations for those who do wish to participate in the very near future. (Within the week.)

Also, a new Linux tutorial is upcoming.

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